Published February 19, 2024

On Monday, February 19, 2024. Multiplier event of the ADVANCE project – Advancing Municipal

Circular Economy was held in Zadar´s Providur Palace.

The aim of the conference was to present the goals and results of the project, to point out the issue of food waste and to inform about prevention and sustainable management of food waste.

Žana Klarić, the Head of the Sector for Environmental Protection of City of Zadar and member of the ADVANCE project team, presented the project and its final result: ADVANCE platform.

Special emphasis was put on the “Gap analysis tool”, as a part of ADVANCE platform which was developed for two main target groups: cities/municipalities and HoReCa sector.

Special emphasis was also put on Roadmaps, individually for each target group, which, using a step-by-step methodology, guide the local administration or HoReCa to achieve the goals regarding the prevention and reduction of food waste.

After the presentation of the ADVANCE project, prof. Aleksandra Anić Vučinić conducted an education on food waste management, with special reference on the current state of waste management in the Republic of Croatia and Zadar County and impact of the tourism on food waste production. She also pointed out the importance of education and awareness raising for achieving the goals prescribed by legislations.

The event was attended by a large number of participants, including employees of local/regional authorities, HORECA, University, high schools, waste management companies, NGOs, media and owners of small rentals.